Wordless Wednesday


Barefoot in the Park

Well, not the movie but we did walk to the neighborhood park this morning.  I figured this would be a good change of pace for us.  Plus, it gave me a chance to work on Zoe's leash training.

The recreation center park is only a half mile down the road and we pass a retention pond on the way.  Sometimes I let Zoe swim in the water and in the evenings a guy takes his chocolate lab out there for hunting training.  However, the pond has gotten really low this past year due to the lack of rain.

Ahh, we've made it to the park!

Yet another hot and humid morning in Katy, TX.  Zoe was already panting by the time we got there.

Evidently I was not the only one with this idea this morning.  I was a little worried when I saw people come in with two Corgis.  I figured they'd get upset that my dog was off leash, but when they saw me they asked if their dogs could play with Zoe.  Uh, of course!!

Would you look at that tongue?  Next time I'll bring bottled water.

After the Corgis left Zoe did a bit more exploring.  She went nuts over the sand in the volleyball area.

Butt tuck = wild dog!

On our way home Zoe stopped for a quick dip in the pond.  It was so hot that I wanted to jump in myself.


Millie Bush Bark Park in the A.M.

I do enjoy seeing the sunrise over our favorite park.  What would we do without Millie Bush Bark Park?  I'd go insane that's what.  Zoe woke me up at 6:00am this morning begging to go to the park.  Part of me didn't want to get out of bed but I knew I'd regret it later in the day when it's 104 degrees outside and she's chasing the cat no matter how many times I say "leave it."  Ah, the joys of puppyhood.


Spoiled bitch!

This is typical for these two.  I guess it's because I work from home and she sees me all day.  Once Daniel gets home she greets him with a full body wag and a toy in her mouth.  After that she refuses to leave his side.  Oy!  Spoiled to the bone!


Longing for cooler weather


Have a blast this weekend!

Just try not to get tangled up in any nonsense.


Zoe & Sunny

Sunny is my neighbors dog, whom I've become really good friends with.  Zoe pretty much worships Sunny and has since the day she met her.  Lately they haven't been able to play as much because Sunny is a senior dog and her age is starting to catch up with her.  

However, on days that it is ok for them to play all I have to do is mention Sunny and Zoe runs to the front door.  

She really loves her friend and it's nice to have an older dog put her in her place at times.


Sleeping in


Funtastic weekend

We spent our weekend mornings at Millie Bush Bark Park.  It was like a sauna outside yesterday, yet the park was quite busy by 7:00am.  Zoe doesn't really seem to mind the heat so much, as long as she is in the water.

While there is a decent size park here in Katy, TX, we prefer Millie Bush because it has two huge lakes and a separate small dog park.  Which is great because Zoe does not care for the small dogs, especially if they're wearing clothes (it's as funny as it sounds).

She sure does love the water.  Just don't mention the word "bath."  Apparently that's a different kind of water.  The kind that's NOT fun!

Check out that leap!  Perhaps we should enter her in a flyball competition one day?  Or not.  I think she's quite content being just a regular dog.

Oh, this is Toby, Zoe's new friend.  He is also an 8 month old lab, and they love to wrestle and chase each other all over the park.  What a great pair!                            

"Ah, the sun feels great on on my back!" 

Home we go!  Smell ya later bark park.  "The couch is awaiting my presence.!"


Black & White Thursday


Staying in

It's way too hot to go outside today, 100+ degrees to be exact.  Hopefully the weather will cool down this evening and we can head to the Bark Park, but for now we are staying in with the AC on full blast.


Did you say treat?


Early morning at Millie Bush Bark Park

We usually head for the dog park around 8am, but Daniel has been having car troubles lately.  So, until his car is fixed we are sharing mine, which means Zoe and I have to get to the park much earlier.  I actually don't mind because I really enjoy the early morning crew.  Everyone is so nice and their dogs are great with mine.

We've been coming here since she was 4 months old.  She fell in love with the water immediately.  Fetching took a while longer however.

Fetching doesn't last long though, as she gets easily distracted.  What do you expect from from a puppy?

By the time we get home she goes straight for the couch and crashes.  Ah, lazy Sundays!


Introducing Zoe

Hello, my name is Zoe.  I am a Lab and Border Collie mix.  I'm 1 years old now and I'm very smart and sometimes stubborn.  I was rescued at 5 weeks old by a wonderful human lady, who got out of her car at a green light on 249 in Tomball, TX to save my life.  She couldn't keep me though because she just had twin babies of her own via C-section.  She soon found my furever home with Daniel and Ali.  They love me so much, and I'm living the good life in Katy, TX.





Hi, I'm Alison and I have an 1 year old black lab mix named Zoe. She was found wandering around by herself near a highway at just 5 weeks old. While her story begins sad, she has had nothing short of a spoiled, happy and healthy life since coming home with me and my boyfriend.

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