Gorgeous fall day at Millie Bush

Today was one of those perfect Texas Autumn days.  You know, those days where everyone is updating their status about how beautiful it is outside while your stuck in an office?  Luckily I work from home and even though I was very busy today I couldn't pass up a chance to enjoy this lovely weather with my four legged friend.

The park was pretty bare today and while Zoe did have a few other dogs to play with when we first got to Millie Bush Bark Park, they didn't seem to stay long.  This park will always be my favorite dog park.  I always enjoy the people and the conversation and rarely do I see aggressive dogs here.

While this past Summer's drought did kill most of the trees and put huge cracks / holes in the ground, some did manage to survive and bring beautiful foliage.

Zoe loves to chase the leaves blowing in the wind.  At one point she even tried to scoop up a mouthful of leaves from the lake.  That's my dog!

"Do I want the toy or the leaves?  I can't decide!!!!"

CJ/Rick  – (November 14, 2011 at 11:23 PM)  

Beautiful photos but heart wrenching to see the park after the drought. I was trying to remember our last visit there-probably end of July. Of course my girls don't care what the park looks like just so there's water in that pond.
Zoe looks like she had a good time.

Alison  – (November 15, 2011 at 1:14 AM)  

Yes, sadly a lot of the trees are dead and the cracks have turned into large holes. Zoe is most happy at Millie Bush, so I keep going any way. I just hope we get more rain this year so by Spring the park is beautiful again.

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