A gloomy day at Katy Dog Park

A little rain definitely didn't stop me from taking Zoe to the dog park this morning.  She was full of energy the moment she woke up, so what better way to tire her out than going to the dog park.

Zoe was in full hunting mode while the squirrels were on the ground getting food.  As long as she is responding when I call her and not getting into any trouble I'm all for it.  She did get tired out pretty quickly too.

Of course she had to take a few trips to the water since it was quite warm today.  Actually it was pretty gross today, very muggy and just plain blah.  It could just be the time change that's getting to me though.


CJ/Rick  – (November 9, 2011 at 4:49 AM)  

I wanted to take my girls and Joe to the park yesterday morning before all the so called rain but it was as you said a gross day. Zoe looks as if she had the park to herself. We haven't been to Millie Bush in a few months but need to go soon. Glad you're back eyeing the squirrels Zoe.

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